Technical Info

Materials, Inserts, Design, Colours and Orders

At Unleashed we are constantly looking for better materials which will give us more strength and durability coupled with better value for money. We believe we have found the best material we can at present but will continue to search for better. Our PU has the best balance of weight, strength and durability on the market. We enhance the surface durability buy post curing every single hold. This is something few companies do to prolong the life span of their holds. Essentially we bake our holds in an industrial oven at a constant temperature for a period of time. This ensures the polymer bonds in the hold reach their maximum length and strength.

PE Resin

We have moved past the old school Polyester Resin which was hard but brittle and heavy. Its limitations didnt stop there as to make a large hold they became too unmanagable. It was however cheap which was the best part or PE.

PU Resin

Enter Polyurethane...... Nearly everything plastic these days is made out of PU. Everywhere you look you will see something made out of this amazing material and as such there are plenty of different products on the market. This is where the search starts for us. Testing every product we think will give you a strong and durable hold at a competitive price. The main benefits of a PU hold is that its stronger, lighter and more flexible. This allows it to conform to slight irregularities on the walls surface and while route setting it allows you to carry more holds in your haul bag.


Stainless Steel washers will be now used in every fixing hole of our holds so screw holes don't wear out with multiple use and the load on a bolt is spread a little more evenly. It is recommended that you do use set screws in each hold. If there is more than one hole then please use it as this will eliminate any flex in the hold. In a bolt on hold the set screw only needs to be tightened up till it bites. There is very little load on it if the bolt is done up tight enough.

Hollow Back

On our larger Unleashed holds and where possible on smaller ones we will use a technique we call hollow back. This allows us to make the holds lighter and less expensive by cutting down on the amount of material we have to use. This does not mean the holds are any less stronger. It just enables us to make bigger holds cheaper.


This is probably one of the biggest and most important questions we are asked. At Unleashed we run a small basic pallet which will become our stock colours. If you require colours to be matched to other hold manufacturers we can also do this. There are conditions however. These are as follows:

1. The first order you place is a minimum of $1000. subsequent orders will just become standard orders of any size.

2. A hold sample is required so we can match to it

3. There is an extra charge of $150 for the pigment to be made up.

4. The manufacture time will be 3 weeks longer than a stock colour order.

Stock Colours









Fluro Pink

Fluro Green

Orders and Deposits

If you are placing a large order please contact us directly to discuss deposits and discounts. As the supply of PU Resin comes from overseas we may need to contact our supplier to order larger quantities. As such the time it takes us to manufacture your order may increase substancialy. 

Larger orders are considered to be over $1000.