Unleashed Climbing

Unleashed Climbing is the result of several decades of climbing around the globe, following a passion and love for climbing in all its forms. As a young adult in my early 20s i started working in a gym in England. Back then the Birmingham Rock Face was the biggest and tallest indoor climbing wall in Europe. It was here i learned to appreciate the skill in route setting and hold shaping and manufacture. 

Early on it was crude and basic. Using polyester resin and sand mixed together we cast our first sets and today there are still some floating about the newer gyms in Birmingham. Luckily today we can say that we have lighter and stronger materials and ideas and technology we had not even contemplated back then.

Unleashed Climbing wants to bring a fresh look to the Australian climbing scene. We have created a base range of holds that will constantly grow and develop. All shaped and manufactured in Australia Unleashed Holds endevour to bring you a European feel and experience to you gym sessions. 

We have seen over the years how the leading manufacturers and shapers have developed bold new trends and styles and changed the sport for ever. We at Unleashed want to be able to offer you these same experiences for the future of Australian climbers.